Sunday, March 14, 2010

mobile communication technology

With the rapid development of mobile communication technology, the repeater is playing an increasingly important role in the expansion of mobile network coverage and the optimization of network. In order to keep the repeater equipment working properly and ensure the signal coverage of mobile network, the effective monitoring and management of all kinds of repeaters are very necessary. This is a significant task for equipment manufacturers and network operators. As repeaters are always deployed in remote areas, and geographically dispersed, it is difficult to maintain repeaters on-site regularly. If a remote centralized monitoring platform for the repeater could be established, the network management staff would not need to run around, and could manage repeaters comfortably. It would be a promotion for repeater management capability.Combining with the present situation of the research on CDMA repeater monitoring technology, this paper analyzed the structure and functional requirements of a typical repeater monitoring system, and then designed a monitoring and management platform for the CDMA repeater using short message technology.

Monday, March 8, 2010


- 3 years study and near 1 year working experence in Germany- 3+ years partner secretary in internatianl law firm- excellent german and good northface outlet, bilingual use in working field- good administrative management,teamwork and independence

1. Assist to draft legal documents, translation, prepare documents for north face outlet.2. Collect information for different kinds of customers, provide support for key customers.3. Arrange business meetings for both international and domestic customers, prepare meeting minutes.4. Maintain business schedules and appointments for Directors, organize travel arrangements and accommodations for Vice President.5. Assist office manager to arrange office cheap northface jackets.

1. Coordinate market research for China as required.2. Assist to complete the marketing promotion plan, marketing statistics, report to the marketing manager.3.Translation for business negotiation with Chinese customers.4.Liaise with customers, organize travel arrangements and accommodations for customer from China.
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Shenzhen Univercity

I'm study Business Management in Shenzhen Univercity,join self-study full-day exam,majoy subject:《College Chinese》、《Dexiaoping Theoretics》、《polo shirts》、《Maozedong Anamnesis》、《College English》、《Business Communication》、《Corporation Organise and Environment》、《Manage Info Technology》、《Commercial Law》、《Marketing》、《Accountancy》、《ralph lauren polo shirts 》、《International Trade》、《Finance Manage》、《Amount Technique》、《Personnel Manage》、《Stratagem Manage》、《International Business Mangage》,ralph lauren polo.

1、Has many years of sales assistant work experience.2、Computer operation proficiency,proficient in computer maintenance and repair.3、Spare time to help colleagues to protect your computer regularly.4、Grounding in the rich text.
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Johnson Electric(Shenzhen) Co.Ltd

1、Assistant manager with general administrative duties. 2、Following customers' orders. 3、Be responsible for collecting information from customers and reply in time. 4、Ability to Lacoste POLO Shirts and influence others. 5、Good communication skills. 6、Self-disciplined with ability to work independently and under stress. 7、Target on the marketing information's collection and analysis.

Location:Baoan District,Shenzhen City Lacoste Polo Shirts Department:Engineering Dept Report to:Engineering Manager Number of Subordinates:10employees :
Job Category:Administrative Specialist/Assistant
Career Level:Mid Career(2+ years experience)
Responsibilities and Achievements:
1、Assistant manager with general administrative Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. 2、General office administration work such as update database and release official documents etc. 3、Communication with different dept to correspond daily work. 4、According to the company's demand,fullfill the monthly report in time high quality. 5、Ensure the office run in regular and normally.
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Australia Langood(Guangzhou)Trade Representive's Office

Dear My future boss, This is Ashley living in Guangzhou city,I am a lucky girl with more passion.Now i am looking for the sales assistant job,kindly pls put cheap straighteners in with a interview chance,I will give you more suprise.Thank you! With my best regards!
1.General sales manager to hardle daily chi pink dazzle assistance to participate in supervision and management of. 2.Participate in department weekly,annual and other related meeting and make a record of the meeting. 3.Assist in the allocation of chi hair straightener products and the reasonable control. 4.Assist in produce shipments in the transport and monitoring. 5.Assist in the tender to manufacture products sales manager,product registration,product pricing,etc. 6.Audit department all costs,including administrative fees,telephone charges,transportation allowances,travel claims and other documents.
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Friday, March 5, 2010


1. Work out annual after-sales plan, review and improve it monthly, execute it practically. 2. Regular analyze marketing data and Lacoste POLO Shirts report so as to make progress in productivity and to plan the supplement of after-sales spare parts to global market.3. Global spare parts Lacoste Polo Shirts and selivery arrangement, be familiar with export procedure.4. Integrate customers’ enquiry and claim to feed back the efficient information to T & D dept.5. Coordinate with Ralph Lauren Polo shirts Assurance dept to work out the quality executive strategy.6. Assist manager to draw up claim process system perfectly.7. Inventory cost control to debase warehouse cost.8. Responsible for routine affairs and communicate with other department.9. The main 5S Promoter of the Logistics Sales Department; Responsible for making plans of promoting 5S Activities and propaganda.