Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reality Bytes

Awake in my bed
By the honks of rude city buses
Another day as usual
Away from my small village
Away from the sweet morning greetings of birds & flowers
Away from the smiling gentle country folks
Now all these are nothing but sweet memories
To ease the pain of struggling in a city
Corrupted & Polluted with nothing
But skyscrapers blocking sky & sun
Traffic jams that make you aware of each second
Indifferent people who make you feel like a stranger everywhere
Oh how I yearn to go back home
'I will go back ' I reassure myself all the time
Years pass by with my frustrations increasing
I pack my bag when I can't take it any longer
Humming silently 'Country roads take me home'
I am on my way back home
Dreaming of my wonderful mornings ahead
But when I reach there I realise I am a stranger to this place
A place with new buildings
Just like mushrooms popped up after a rain
No birds, No trees, No country folks
'What happened? ‘I wonder
I realise that my village is dead long back
Now I have to find a new home a new village
I am back to road again
In that search for my dream my home
Realising that ' Reality Bites'


No one has seen the wind. Yet I can feel it at work all the time. It is never quiet just like human feelings. The most peaceful wind is the breeze. When it is windier, it does not mean rest but a storm approaching.In hot summer, I like to sit where it is windy and cool. The breeze softly touches my face. When autumn comes the wind gains in momentum. Sometimes the wind is naughty and keeps beating on the window and turning over the pages of my book. The wind seems to be in the worst mood in winter. She blows people’s hats off. Who says the wind is emnotionless? I can hear her laughter and soft sighs even in spring.Yet no matter how freezing cold or scorching hot or wild angry or extremely happy the wind can he, there seems to be an end to it. But the wind is not willing to be tamed. Maybe just beeause of this the universe keeps it in such tight control.

How to Avoid Foolish Opinions

To avoid the various foolish opinions to which mankind is prone, no superhuman genius is required. If the matter is one that can be settled by observation,make the observation yourself.

Many matters,however,are less easily brought to the test of experience.If,like most of mankind, you have passionate convictions on many such matters,there are ways in which you can make yourself aware of your own bias. If an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry, that is a sign that you are subconsciously aware of having no good reason for thinking as you do. If someone maintains that two and two are five, or that Iceland is on the equator, you feel pity rather than anger, unless you know so little of arithmetic or geography that his opinion shakes your own contrary conviction. The most savage controversies are those about matters as to which there is no good
evidence either way. Persecution is used in theology, not in arithmetic, because in theology there is only opinion. So wheneveryou find yourself getting angry about a difference of opinion, be on your guard; you will probably find, on examination, that your belief is going beyond what the evidence warrants.
A good way of ridding yourself of certain kinds of dogmatism is to become aware of opinions held in social circles different from your own. If the people and the newspaper seem mad, perverse, and wicked, remind yourself that you seem so to them. In this opinion both parties may be right, but they cannot both be wrong. This reflection should generate a certain caution.
For those who have enough psychological imagination, it is a good plan to imagine an argument with a person having a different bias. This has one advantage, and only one, as compared with actual conversation with opponents; this one advantage is that the method is not subject to the same limitations of time and space.

which counts.

No one knows exactly how many disabled people there are in the world,but estimates suggest the figure is over 450million. The number of disabled people in India alone is probably more than double the total population of Canada.In the united Kingdom,about one in ten people have some disability.Disability is not just something tht happens to other people:as we get older,many of us will become less mobile,hard of hearing or have failing eyesight.Disablement can take many forms and occur at any time of life.Some people are born with disabilities.Many others become disabled as they get older.There are many progressive disabling diseases.The longer time goes on,the worse they become.Some people are disabled in accidents. Many others may have a period of disability in the form of a mental illness.All are affected by people's attitude towards them.Disabled people face many physical barriers.Next time you go shopping or to work or visit friends,imagine how you would manage if you could not get up steps,or on to buses and trains.How would you cope if you could not see where you were going or could not hear the traffic? But there are other barriers:prejudice can be even harder to break down and ignorance inevitably represents by far the greatest barrier of all. It is almost impossible for the able-bodied to fuly appreciate what the severely disabled go through,so it is important to draw attention to these barriers and show that it is the individual person and their ability,not their disability,which counts.


2005-8 - 2008-2 Director
Location:beijing Job Type:Full-time Department:TMT Department Report to:boss Number of Subordinates:5employees :
Job Category:Director/General Manager of SBU
Career Level:management ( manager / director)
Responsibilities and Achievements:
·Responsible for the business operation of TMT Consulting Department.
·Be in charge of product development, business development and project
·management to get the target of the department. 2004-5 - 2005-8 Team Leader
Location:beijing Job Type:Full-time Department: Report to: Number of Subordinates:4employees :
Job Category:Director/General Manager of SBU
Career Level:Mid Career(2+ years experience)
Responsibilities and Achievements:
·Marketing strategy for 6 product lines, including price, channel, romotion and product, for a domestic auto company
·Import auto market analysis and sales trend forecast
·Auto seat belt marketing research and entry strategy
·Branding Strategy for a well-known auto group
·CSI(customer service interactive) research for a auto product
·Sales forecast and planning and pricing strategy for a well-known global auto group
·A branding research for a B2B product